Recently the Jupiter (Palm Beach) office of Kirwan Spellacy & Danner obtained a jury verdict of no permanent injury in a case where the Plaintiff had surgery to the lumbar spine. The case was brought in Ft. Pierce County by a 43-year old female with no prior back problems against the UM carrier. The accident was solely the fault of the tortfeasor, and liability was admitted by the UM carrier at time of trial. 

The severity of the accident was so great that the tie rods of the Plaintiff’s pickup truck broke as a result of the impact. During treatment, Plaintiff tried a variety of conservative treatments and lesser invasive modalities including chiropractic care, ESI and sacroiliac-joint injections before opting for surgery as a last resort. Past medical specials were in excess of $95,000. Plaintiff asked the jury for $320,000 in compensation at trial. The jury only awarded the equivalent of the past medical bills, finding no permanency, and no pain and suffering. 

Kirwan Spellacy & Danner attorney, Lawrence E. Brownstein, tried the case for the Defendant. He was assisted at trial by his litigation support team (Associate, Erich R. Von Unruh, and Paralegal, Theresa Kuhn). Their combined efforts and diligent preparation were instrumental in achieving this positive outcome for the Defendant.